How to Write a Novel – Introduction

From a young age (usually around fourth of fifth grade), we are taught to shape our ideas through outlines, which then become drafts and eventually finished works.  For long-form works, such as novels, this process is far from simple.  For every person who publishes a novel, I’d estimate there are ten or twenty individuals who have failed to complete a finished work.  This is an entirely non-scientific estimate, but based upon the number of people in my life who have begun unfinished novels, I don’t think I’m too far off the mark.  Arriving at an idea that you think can fill several hundred pages is so terribly far from creating a piece of long-form fiction that others can read.  But fear not!

The following series of articles will be an easily digestible resource exploring each of the steps I took to write a novel, from idea to publication.  While each writer has his or her own writing process, I will be delving into my own process in the hope that it might help someone who is attempting to create their own work.

Specifically, this resource will be geared towards writing a tale set in a fictional world, or a world in which fictional events are taking place.  As more articles become available, links to them will appear in this post, so feel free to reference this post every week or so for the latest.


The Idea

The Decision

The Research

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